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The All Blacks are New Zealandís national rugby team. They play in black kit; hence the name which was originally coined during New Zealandís 1905/06 tour of England. The All Blacks are perceived by many as the most dominant force, past and present, in world rugby. They epitomise a nation that is obsessed with Rugby.

The All Blacks are famous for performing the Haka before every match. This is a Maori war dance which intimidates the opposition.

The All Blacksí fiercest rivals are Australia and South Africa. These three nations compete annually in the Tri Nations Series. The All Blacks have won the tournament more times than either Australia or South Africa. In fact, there is not a single nation that has won more matches against the All Blacks than they have lost. By this measure, the All Blacks are thus the most successful team in history.

However, the All Blacks have fair less well in the Rugby World Cup standings. They have won the tournament just once (in 1987) despite having entered the tournament as favourites on several occasions. Having said that however, they have never failed to finish lower than 4th and came second once (in 1995).

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